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Using these heart word mapping digital slides, students will practice their high-frequency words through phoneme-grapheme mapping. Students hear an audio clip of the word, read a sentence, map the word by moving a chip for each sound they hear, graph the word by spelling the word with graphemes, and identify the “tricky” part of the word that must be learned by heart.



More About This Resource

Looking for a science of reading based literacy center that exposes students to high frequency words and utilizes the heart word method?  With this independent student activity, students will use their knowledge of heart words to create phoneme-grapheme word associationsThis process utilizes the oral language processing part of a student’s brain to help them permanently store high frequency words into their sight word memory.  Use this activity as a review after you have explicitly and systematically introduced heart words to your students.  This resource also includes editable templates. Check out my Heart Words Teaching Slides for more!


Using these heart word mapping digital slides, students will practice their high frequency words through phoneme grapheme mapping. Students will hear an audio clip of the word, read a sentence to hear the high frequency word used in context, map the word by moving a chip for each sound they hear, graph the word by spelling the word with graphemes and identifying the “tricky” part of the word that must be learned by heart. Tutorial included for how to edit the hearts for each word.

Resource includes:

  • Heart word information for the teacher
  • Heart word mapping digital slides for 220 words
  • Self-check box included for each slide
  • Editable templates included to use with any word
  • Seesaw compatible PNGs for 220 words (NOT a premade seesaw activity)

220 high frequency words included:

the to and he a I you it of in was said his that she for on they but had at him with up all look is her there some out as be have go we am then little down do can could when did what so see not were get them like one this my would me will yes big went are come if now long no came ask very an over your its how know right put too got take where every pretty jump green four ride into just blue red from good any about around want don’t away old by their here saw call after well think ran let help make going sleep brown yellow five six walk two or before eat again play who been may stop off never seven eight cold today fly myself round tell much keep give work first try new must start black white ten does bring goes write always drink once soon made run gave open has find only us three our better hold buy funny warm ate full those done use fast say light pick hurt pull cut kind both sit which fall carry small under read why own found those which their always were could where about again wash show hot because far live draw clean grow best upon these sing together please thank wish many shall laugh

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7 reviews for Heart Words Digital Word Mapping – Editable

  1. Danielle Moore (verified owner)

    These stations are great to send out through Seesaw for my students to use during an independent time. My students love them.

  2. Dalia Elgamal (verified owner)

    such a great resource that has helped my students with their sight words! This is great for assigning both classwork and homework. Both fun and beneficial!

  3. jtorres (verified owner)

    My students really enjoyed practicing sight words at home on Seesaw using this digital file.

  4. jtorres (verified owner)

    Fun way to practice heart words and self checking was a bonus! Each word follows the same routine so once students learned how to interact with the slides, it became an independent activity.

  5. Kerri Hartwick (verified owner)

    My students love using these slides to practice heart words in Google Classroom! They work on them during center time, but also have the freedom to work from home. They are also a nice companion to the heart word teaching slides.

  6. Jilleen Labonte (verified owner)

    My students love to practice their heart words using this resource! It is fantastic

  7. jenoleary10 (verified owner)

    Great activities that can be used during centres or as review on Google Classroom. Students love it.

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