My name is Christina and I am so honored you’re here! Teaching is hard work. I help elementary teachers ease the burden and bring the BLISS into teaching.

My goal is to provide engaging yet manageable ideas & resources to your classroom that saves you precious time and leads your students to achieve at their highest potential!

You want the BLISS…

But the many demands of lesson planning, prepping materials, grading, analyzing data, meetings, emails etc is overwhelming as an elementary teacher!

Well my friend, I am here to help! Here at Mrs. Winter’s Bliss my goal is to support you in making a difference in your students’ social, emotional, and academic learning. Whether you’re a new teacher or an experienced veteran teacher we can do this together!

Because you are here, I’m certain you want…

💗 lessons & activities that engage and foster a love of learning.

💗 aligned materials that support and lead all students to master grade level standards.  

💗 resources that are easy to prep allowing you more time to do the things YOU love.

💗 ideas and lessons to encourage your students to have a positive mindset as well as develop appropriate social & emotional skills.


In 2012, after teaching for 16 years in Southern California, my husband and I decided to move to a more family friendly suburb near Raleigh, North Carolina to raise our daughter, Ella. As I tried to settle into teaching in my new state, I spent many days feeling frustrated and hopeless.

My new school offered a limited curriculum and very little time to collaborate with my colleagues. Needless to say, I spent a lot of my nights and weekends unpacking the standards to create lessons and activities for my students.

I was tired. Teaching 1st grade itself was exhausting, but adding the extra work of creating resources to support my students was an added burden.

But as my students started to show proficiency and became thirsty to learn more, I became energized! It was even more invigorating when my grade level peers started to ask me to share my ideas and resources so they could use them in their classrooms.

As an avid reader of teaching blogs, I was motivated to share my ideas with my peers outside of my building. So in 2013, Mrs. Winter’s Bliss was created.

After teaching 1st grade for 21 years, my family needed me to be available more. I had to make a hard decision to leave the classroom. I cried big, ugly tears when I went to my principal to resign. I was born to teach.

Today, I still teach, it just looks a little different. I now fill my days researching best teaching pedagogy, designing activities and curriculum, and collaborating with teachers around the world.

My heart is full when I hear the ideas and resources I’ve shared have saved my teacher friends time and empowered their students!


I’d love to get to know you, and learn how I can support you and your students! I’d be honored if you joined my email family, just drop your name and email in the form below. Let’s do this!

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