Heart Words – Teaching High Frequency (sight words)

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This NO PREP, science-based resource includes everything you need to successfully teach your students how to utilize the heart word method in order to become successful readers. The resource includes information on best practices, teaching tips, EDITABLE digital teaching slides and printables for 220 high frequency sight words, and much MORE!

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More About This Resource

Teach students high-frequency words with the Heart Word Method. Using orthographic mapping strategies, this science of reading-aligned, NO PREP Heart Word Resource teaches students to sound out the parts of irregular words that do follow phonics rules.  Students then only need to learn a small portion of the word which is the “tricky part” by heart.

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This resource is science-based and includes editable teaching slides, printable student activities and everything you need to successfully teach your students how to utilize the heart word method in order to become successful readers. The teaching slides are FULLY EDITABLE.  Easily edit this resource to fit the needs of your students and your teaching style. This NO PREP resource will save you time and allow you to feel confident while teaching your students high-frequency words

Included in this Heart Words resource:

  • Research-based best practices and teaching tips for the teacher
  • Digital teaching slides for 220 high-frequency sight words (editable)
  • Independent student practice printable for each word (editable included too)
  • Foldable craftivity to further extend and enhance student learning for each word
  • Words and heading for Heart Words bulletin board
  • High-frequency word lists mapped to easily integrate into word study lessons


220 Dolch high frequency words included:

the to and he a I you it of in was said his that she for on they but had at him with up all look is her there some out as be have go we am then little down do can could when did what so see not were get them like one this my would me will yes big went are come if now long no came ask very an over your its how know right put too got take where every pretty jump green four ride into just blue red from good any about around want don’t away old by their here saw call after well think ran let help make going sleep brown yellow five six walk two or before eat again play who been may stop off never seven eight cold today fly myself round tell much keep give work first try new must start black white ten does bring goes write always drink once soon made run gave open has find only us three our better hold buy funny warm ate full those done use fast say light pick hurt pull cut kind both sit which fall carry small under read why own found those which their always were could where about again wash show hot because far live draw clean grow best upon these sing together please thank wish many shall laugh

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25 reviews for Heart Words – Teaching High Frequency (sight words)

  1. Tiffanie Sherman (verified owner)

    My students love learning about new heart words. It makes high frequency words so much more accessible rather than telling kids they just need to memorize them. This bundle makes teaching and learning these words easy and fun.

  2. koshy (verified owner)

    Ms. Winter has created a beautiful and critical resource for our students. I will be using this with my Newcomer ELLs to practice reading and spelling these complex words that tend to confound them as they continue to refine their literacy skills.

  3. Nicole Olson (verified owner)

    This is a great bundle and the work is already done for you. You can print and use, it is so handy. I am using these as I begin my dive into the science of reading.

  4. KAREN REEDER (verified owner)

    My students have been motivated to learn heart words when I give them these activities. The explicit instruction and orthographic mapping of this resource helps student master these words that can be challenging.

  5. Kimberly Jones (verified owner)

    This resource is a serious game changer! My students have been able to master challenging words and i’ve seen such a difference in their reading. They love to point out the tricky parts in words 🙂 This is a must have resource!

  6. Tina Winters (verified owner)

    Heart words have completely changed how I teach sight words to my students. This resource was easy to implement and fun to use. The teaching slides keep my students focused as words are introduced. They are quick to point out the number of taps, the sounds you can hear, and the tricky part in each word. The worksheets are perfect to use during literacy centers and easy to differentiate with. This resource is invaluable! I highly recommend it!

  7. Dalia Elgamal (verified owner)

    Best resource ever for heart words. I love that it requires no prep and includes digital version. I feel like I learn about the science of reading just by using it

  8. Jenn Sharek (verified owner)

    This is a must have for anyone using heart words. I recommend this set to anyone I know who is teaching the heart word process. They are a quick check in at school after introducing a new word. My favorite part is that we can send the page home and have the kids teach their parents. This process makes sense to me as an educator – but it is very new to parents. This set is the the perfect bridge between school and home that can be managed by the kids!

  9. Jennifer Hancock (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for several months now, and it is FANTASTIC! I can’t cheer about it enough. My district has begun pushing out a phonics program, but does give us very good resources. We do one Heart Word every week, and I love the simplicity of having all the slides ready to go. They work beautifully. The worksheets are a great supplement to the lesson as well. Thank you so much for a great, easy to use product!!

  10. jtorres (verified owner)

    This has been on my wish list and I’m so excited to use this in the coming year. I plan on using the slides to introduce the new word and then using the worksheet in small group. I’m super excited to use this resource!

  11. Debora Quinn (verified owner)

    We introduced Heart Words in our school last year but did not have many resources. I was thrilled to find this resource to share with my students this year. Giving my students addition practice using these no prep slides that are ready to implement is very exciting!

  12. jesslance27 (verified owner)

    I cannot wait to use this product this year with my students. Your resource is going to be so helpful when I am teaching this year. Thanks.

  13. kielbajtek (verified owner)

    I am so excited to use this bundle with my class this year. It has most of the heart words I need and I love that I can add the few words that I need! I am using the sentence writing pages with a student I am tutoring this summer and I feel like the format is perfect for second graders! Thank you!

  14. Deidre Clavin-Boyle (verified owner)

    Mrs. Winter this packet is perfect for every type of learner. Each child is engaged on many learning style levels!!! Thank you for creating these pagesthis multi sensory approach to sight words. My students enjoy working on these friendly pages.

  15. Angie Williams (verified owner)

    The “Heart Word” resource is so well thought out. it is very comprehensive and the quality is excellent!

  16. Angie Williams (verified owner)

    The “Heart Word” resource is comprehensive and well thought out!

  17. denmotherof3 (verified owner)

    A Fun engaging way to reinforce heart words!

  18. Myranda Bruening (verified owner)

    An awesome and researched based way to teach sight words! I kept my eye on this resource and finally took the plunge and I’m not dissapointed!

  19. Amy Bradford (verified owner)

    My students ❤️ learning their 💜 words and have even asked if we can display the ones we have learned by our Wizard of Oz Tinman-too cute!!

  20. smoore (verified owner)

    This resource has saved me so much time! It aligns with SoR and it has all the sight wards needed in our curriculum. There is a place to make additional word cards, if needed. So simple and well worth the money.

  21. jenoleary10 (verified owner)

    Amazing resource! Aligned to the SOR and saved me so much time to prepare resources.

  22. denmotherof3 (verified owner)

    Not only is this resource easy to prep, but it has so much value in adding the SoR into my instruction. I love that students can use it independently with each new word for review as well! Excellent resource!

  23. Jaclyn Reid (verified owner)

    Really pleased to have found a resource backed by science. And in a friendlier form than the current resources I had available.

  24. jpb5005 (verified owner)

    I started using this resource with my kindergarten class this week. I started by modeling how to complete the worksheet and now students are doing them independently. I love how they are editable. The powerpoints are great however I am having trouble navigating on a viewboard (it’s probably a me issue). I love this resource!

    • Christina

      Hi there, Thank you for your purchase! Feel free to reach out if you’d like some tech assistance! -Christina hello(at)

  25. denmotherof3 (verified owner)

    I use this resource as a center activity to help build automaticity in my second grade students. I use this after mapping our hf words. It is a fun and engaging activity for my students.

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