Ready to implement a sound wall but unsure where to start? Finally, take the guesswork out of using a sound wall in your classroom with my Science of Sound Walls training!



A sound wall is a tool that supports students in matching sounds (phonemes) to symbols (graphemes). That’s critical for teaching students how to read and spell based on the Science of Reading research.

But unless you and your students know how to use this valuable tool……it’s really nothing more than wallpaper.

Inside the full ​Science of Sound Walls training course​, you’ll learn the science behind sound walls, and get explicit instructions on how to set up and use your sound wall with confidence.

I’m confident the full course will teach you everything you need to implement a sound wall in your classroom with confidence and watch your students’ reading outcomes soar!

I’m so excited for you to get a taste of my ​Science of Sound Walls training, just click the link below to get started with this free sound wall training!

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