Word Mapping – Connecting Phonemes to Graphemes – Diphthong and R Controlled

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In this Word Mapping resource, students connect the speech sounds (phonemes) of a word to the letters or letter combinations (graphemes) for over 85 Diphthong and R-Controlled words. It makes a perfect activity for centers, independent and guided practice!

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More About This Resource

The science of reading shows that mapping words can strengthen phoneme-grapheme associations to create strong readers! Through this resource, students connect the speech sounds (phonemes) of a word to the letters or letter combinations (graphemes). This process utilizes the oral language processing part of a student’s brain to help them permanently store words into their sight word memory.


Included in this download are interactive digital slides for 100 Diphthong and R- Controlled words. These interactive slides are perfect for independent student practice or center work. Students will see a picture of the word to build meaning, hear an audio recording of the word, map the phonemes (sounds) they hear, and then spell the word using graphemes.

This resource also includes printable phoneme-grapheme association mapping boards and word image cards for guided group instruction. Use these printables to complete the same word mapping routine with your students!

Resource includes:

Digital word mapping Google slides for 100 r-controlled and diphthong words
Printable image cards for each word
Printable word mapping practice pages
PNGs also included for use in Seesaw

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10 reviews for Word Mapping – Connecting Phonemes to Graphemes – Diphthong and R Controlled

  1. Danielle Moore (verified owner)

    These are absolutely perfect for my first graders. We add a syllable step to them as well for my higher kids for differentiation. My students love getting to add their popits into the fun and they are always engaged.

  2. denmotherof3 (verified owner)

    I love word mapping! My kiddos love word mapping! Trying to find a resource that does not have the word written first is difficult. This one has it all!

  3. KAREN REEDER (verified owner)

    I purchased this in the Mega Bundle and I have used it during the entire school year with my reading intervention groups. The students love it and it was so easy to know that each group would have a resource as I was doing my lesson plans.

  4. Colleen Floyd (verified owner)

    Great resource for students and small groups!

  5. Brenda Baker (verified owner)

    R-controlled vowels are so difficult but these activities are a huge help.

  6. Susan Bethoney (verified owner)

    The word mapping activities really were useful for our work on the “bossy r” which is a difficult sound. Great resource! : )

  7. Jenna Tomkins (verified owner)

    I have started utilizing word mapping sheets in my small groups. I am so glad that I came across this resource so that my students can map words as seat work as well! Word mapping has become a staple in my classroom and I am seeing amazing results!

  8. Karen Griffen (verified owner)

    Word Mapping is working well with my small groups. The kids are having fun and stretching sounds to make words. Bossy “R” is trick for some of them. I’m seeing some good crossover in their reading after the word mapping work.

  9. jenoleary10 (verified owner)

    I love word mapping. My kiddos have shown so much improvement this year with tapping out the sounds and figuring out the letters that correspond. Great for centre activities.

  10. k.fields (verified owner)

    I have seen tremendous growth in my students. I love the way this helps students develop knowledge for the patterns, and then they can turn around and apply it!

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