Science of Sound Walls Mini Course

Take all the guesswork out of using a sound wall with my new course, The Science of Sound Walls. This is your complete, A-Z training and implementation plan for using a sound wall with confidence in your classroom. This is a self-paced, on-demand video course with lifetime replay access.

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More About This Resource

After taking this course, you’ll feel so much more confident using your sound wall when you understand how it works, how to set it up, and how to pair it with your Science of Reading-aligned instruction!
Here’s what’s inside The Science of Sound Walls:
  • Module One: Why Use a Sound Wall?
    • Before you can use a sound wall effectively, you first need to understand how a sound wall fits into the big picture of learning literacy skills. This module lays the foundation for understanding how a sound wall supports learning to read.
  • Module Two: A Deeper Look at the 44 Phonemes
    • Sure, you know there are 44 phonemes…but do you know your glides from your liquids, your stops from your nasals? If not, don’t worry! This module goes deep into the different categories of sounds in the English language, and which grapheme correspondences you’ll want to prioritize teaching.
  • Module Three: Displaying Your Sound Wall
    • How much room do you need for your sound wall? What if you don’t have a lot of room? How exactly do you arrange the vowel valley and consonant wall? (And do you really have to use mouth articulation photos?) Great news, you’ll find all the answers you seek right here…and honestly, so much more. By the end of the module, you will understand exactly how best to set up the sound wall for your physical situation!
  • Module Four: Sound Wall Implementation
    • Now that you have everything in place—it’s time to start using your sound wall! And in this module, you’ll discover exactly how to do that. No more guesswork or frantically searching through Science of Reading Facebook groups to answer the question “How do I implement a sound wall in my classroom?!”You’ll learn a repeatable process for introducing new sounds throughout the year, according to whichever scope and sequence you want to use (I also provide one for you). You’ll understand how to incorporate your sound wall into your day, and how to instruct students to use it as their literacy skills grow.In no time at all, you’ll be leading your students through the Vowel Valley so they can reach the heights of literacy success!
  • Module Five: Common Questions and Answers
    • Got questions? Don’t head into the Google jungle. Instead, quickly find answers to common questions so you can save time and get started faster.
  • BONUS Demonstration Videos: Learning in Action
    • Demonstration videos of a 1st grade teacher and students using their sound wall during direct instruction lessons, review games, and independent writing. These videos are just a tiny glimpse of the learning that will take place in your classroom!


Not sure if this is right for you?  Learn more about The Science of Sound Walls course here.

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