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Use these morning greeting choices to build relationships and set a positive tone for students at the beginning of each day! Hang the morning greeting signs so students can choose a morning greeting before entering the classroom or make a choice while greeting classmates during morning meeting.



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More About This Resource

Use these printable, morning greeting choices to build relationships and set a positive tone for students at the beginning of each school day! The morning greetings can be printed in black and white or in color. Hang the greeting signs and posters so students can choose a morning greeting before entering the classroom or make a choice while greeting classmates during your morning meeting. You’ll also get a digital slide of the morning greetings so you can project it for all to see in the meeting area.

Included in this resource are several options:

  • Printable choice posters (color and black & white)
  • Circular greeting choices to hang with magnets or together with ribbon
  • Square choices to cut out and make a choice board or put on a ring to hang
  • How to Greet a Friend poster and student printable (4 choices)
  • A digital morning greeting slide to project in the classroom meeting area
  • Also includes 12 contactless greetings!


MORNING GREETINGS blog post to see the Greetings in action!


  • wave
  • high 5
  • dance
  • pinky shake
  • fistbump
  • hug
  • verbal
  • handshake


  • sing
  • wave
  • wink
  • funny face
  • floss
  • jump
  • thumbs up
  • bow
  • dab
  • smile
  • rollercoaster
  • salute


Here is what teachers are saying about this Morning Greeting Choices Resource:

“This resource is a great classroom and community builder. I love saying good morning to my students and giving them the opportunity to change the way they say hello. The socially distant choices are great to give students who are still not ready for physical interactions. This resource also allows me to learn my students’ personalities and how they are feeling each morning.”

“This is a very engaging and exciting way for students to say hello in the mornings.”

“I love, love, love this! It was so easy to print and laminate and BOOM- done. I love that it comes with so many different options. Great resource and perfect for primary!”

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2 reviews for Morning Greeting Choices Signs

  1. Tina Winters (verified owner)

    This resource is an excellent way to build relationships with students. At the beginning of the school year, my class bonded as we looked at all the choices for greeting each other in the morning and created a choice board together for the hallway. My students love choosing the greeting they are most comfortable with each day. The greetings are fun, colorful, creative, and multicultural! Many of them make us laugh, which is always a fun way to start the day. There is something that fits all my student’s personalities. I highly recommend this resource!

  2. Meg Peterson (verified owner)

    I bought the morning greetings and printed them in black and white since I was out of colored ink- I love that you provided both the color and/or the black and white option. I relaxed over the weekend using all my beautiful colored pencils by coloring in all the cute greetings. I was able to cut them out and mount them on colored circles that I had and then laminated. I put 4 options on my door that are prominantly displayed, when kids are dropped off at the daycare center by parents/providers in my 3-4 year old classroom space.. It is a great way to start the day for both the kids and me. I plan on rotating all the options evey few weeks. The only one small downfall is that there was no option to do the elbow touch! No big deal- I do the elbow touch with the adult dropping them off and the child gets to pick his/her own option:)

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