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These word building activities give students explicit and systematic phonics skills practice!   This resource includes NO PREP DIGITAL activities with audio and PRINTABLE word building worksheets.  This resource is aligned to the science of reading and makes an engaging phonics center or small group activity. 



More About This Resource

These science of reading-aligned word building activities give kindergarten, first and second-grade students explicit and systematic phonics skills practice!   This resource includes NO PREP DIGITAL activities and PRINTABLE word building worksheets.

PRINTABLE ACTIVITIES: Students will build & write up to 10 words that focus on an explicit phonics skill with the included grapheme cards. Students can then reread the words three times to practice fluency.
DIGITAL ACTIVITIES: Students will listen to the *AUDIO directions (FROM ME!) and then build words in a specified sequence. Each new word only varies by one sound spelling from the previous word. For example, “Change one sound in the word pat to build the word pan”. Students press the audio button to hear me state the word to build, blend the phonemes of the word, say the word again, and use it in a sentence to develop vocabulary.

Students will love that these phonics word building activities are interactive and self-checking for immediate feedback! 

The 31 digital lessons have been PRELOADED for you, with 1 click add them to your Seesaw library or Google Drive, then assign to your students!


The digital word building activities are dependent on the audio files. I will essentially be instructing your students throughout the word building routine.

Some school districts block audio files they do not own. If you’ve had trouble with audio on other Google resources, there is a chance that the audio on this resource will not work for you. Please download this free trial as a way to check that the audio will work for you.

Included in this resource:

  • 31 teacher-directed digital word building lessons
  • 34 printable word building lessons
  • master word list

Phonics skills included:

  • short a
  • short i
  • short o
  • short u
  • short e
  • l blends
  • s blends
  • r blends
  • final blends
  • 3 letter blends
  • digraph ch, sh
  • digraph th
  • digraph _ng, _nk
  • long vowel a_e, i_e
  • long vowel o_e, i_e
  • Long vowel u_e
  • open syllables: long e, i, o
  • long vowel ai, ay
  • long vowel ee, ea
  • long vowel oa, ow
  • long vowel _y, igh
  • r-controlled ar
  • r-controlled ur
  • r-controlled ir
  • r-controlled or, ore
  • short oo
  • long oo
  • diphthong ow
  • diphthong ou
  • diphthong oi, oy
  • complex vowels: all, alk

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1 review for Phonics Word Building – Printables + premade Seesaw & Google

  1. Janelle Kuhn (verified owner)

    Loving it so far!! I purchased this later in the year and plan to use it during my weekly center rotation. So far the students LOVE building the words via Seesaw. It makes for an excellent center because they can check their work as they build each word. I love the audio on the Seesaw as well. The student have a little tricky time with the worksheet letter scramble because they keep wanting to glue the letters, despite how many times I tell them to WRITE the words! haha Thank you!

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