1st Grade Dictation – Teacher Guide & Student Printables

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This dictation practice resource is aligned with the Science of Reading & includes 31 weeks of dictation activities.  It includes teacher lesson plans, differentiated dictation sheets and follows my research-based Scope and Sequence for 1st grade.

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More About This Resource

This 1st grade dictation practice resource is aligned with the Science of Reading and includes 31 weeks of dictation activities that follow my research-based Scope and Sequence.


Dictation is guided spelling practice. It is a systematic way for you to connect the skills you teach in reading to student writing. Dictation practice offers students an engaging way to accelerate their writing and spelling skills, with your guidance and corrective feedback to support them. Dictation activities should be fairly quick and completed at least twice per week as a way for teachers to model how to use new phonics skills in writing.

This resource of 31 weeks of dictation practice activities. Each week includes 2 teacher guides that highlight the week’s focus skill. Review of previously learned phonics skills is also built into each week. In addition, students get practice with heart words (irregularly spelled high-frequency words) in the sentence portion.

A lesson outline for teacher guidance and a sample lesson are also included. There are 2 versions of student dictation recording sheets. Dictation lessons will increase in difficulty as the year progresses.

Included in this resource:

  • 7 page Lesson Outline & Sample Lesson for teacher reference
  • 62 Dictation Teacher Guides (2 per phonics skill)
  • 2 options for Student Recording Sheets

Phonics Skills Included:

  • CVC: short a, short i, short o, short e, short u, short vowel review
  • Blends: l blends, s blends, r blends, final blends, 3 letter blends, blends review
  • Digraphs: digraph ch & tch, digraph sh, digraph th (voiced & voiceless), digraph wh, digraph ng
  • final e: a_e, o_e, i_e, u_e, e_e
  • open syllable e, i, o (ex. hi, be)
  • Vowel teams: long vowel a (ai, ay), long vowel e (ee, ea), long vowel o (oa, ow), long vowel i ( _y, igh), long vowel u (u, ew, ue)
  • r-controlled vowels: r-controlled ar, r-controlled er, ir, ur, r-controlled or, ore
  • Variant vowels & Diphthongs: variant vowel short oo, variant vowel long u (oo), diphthong ow, ou, diphthong oi, oy,
  • Other vowels: complex vowel /aw/: aw, all, long i and o (ie, oe), long e (y, ey, ie, ei)

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3 reviews for 1st Grade Dictation – Teacher Guide & Student Printables

  1. Julia Rines (verified owner)

    I am a First Grade teacher and I am trying to enrich my small group teaching practices. Using this resource even just once a week is so incredibly beneficial to helping students learn phonemes, spell, and read! I love dictation practices, and this resource is phenomenal, already aligned to SOR, and ready to print and use. So easy! Thanks Christina! I love the work you do!

  2. srodriguez (verified owner)

    I love this!! My students love it too!! It was a great purchase! Thank you!

  3. Tiffany Hickman (verified owner)

    These are great! I always struggle with coming up with sentences for them to write and now I don’t have to. The kids enjoyed doing it and it was very engaging for them.

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