FREE, No-Prep Spelling Activities

Meaningful word study instruction and spelling practice are so important for students, but it can take a lot of time to plan and prep! To help you out I’m sharing 12 FREE, NO PREP, printable and digital Spelling Activities for K-2 students. I’m also sharing details about my Year-Long Weekly Word Study Resource that offers weekly word lists, practice activities, parent letters, assessments and MORE for k-3!

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As a teacher, I know your to-do list is never ending and often growing!  With all you are required to do with your students each day, are you able to make time for word study instruction and spelling practice?  It isn’t always easy to find the time, but it is SO important to do so.  

Word study, phonics and spelling instruction is an integral part of literacy instruction for students.  When students can both read words and spell words, they have a much better grasp of language overall. Simply put, learning to spell helps our students become better readers and better writers.  

I truly believe in the importance of strong spelling instruction, but I also know how time-consuming it is to create and prep spelling activities EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!  I realize you can’t possibly spend hours prepping and personalizing your weekly phonics activities, so I went ahead and did it for you! 

Today I’m excited to share with you my FREE, NO PREP Spelling Activities!  It is a totally free resource that provides meaningful practice and the repetition students need for mastery of their spelling or sight words.

I created these Free Spelling Activities as an editable “autofill” document.  This means the ONLY thing you have to do is insert your spelling words (up to 12) into the spelling activities word list.  That’s it!!  Once you type your words into the word list, you simply print the pages you want to use.

The resource includes 12 different EDITABLE spelling printables!  With this many activities, you can easily mix things up to keep it fresh and engaging for students. They will really enjoy the variety.    

Any of these activities make a great addition to your weekly word work routine.  Simply pair the spelling word cards with a pocket chart and print a few activities for an instant literacy center!  They also make great morning work or homework practice.  

The FREE resource includes ALL of the following activities: 

💗 Trace and Write Spelling

💗 ABC Order

💗 ipad Spelling

💗 Vowel Consonant Spelling

💗 Sign Language Spelling

💗 Rainbow Sound Spelling

💗 Triangle Spelling

💗 Spelling Illustrations

💗 Make a Word Search

💗 Word Mapping

💗 Roll-a-Color Spelling

💗 Spell and Move

I won’t go into detail about EVERY activity included in the resource, but I do want to highlight a few of my favorites and tell you a little about why I love them!  

Vowel Consonant Spelling

I love this activity because it’s a sneaky one… sneaky in the sense that students won’t realize all the practice they are getting on one page!  Of course they get practice writing their spelling words, but they are also working to identify vowels and consonants, as well as noting spelling patterns and rules.  The color coding they have to do really helps the patterns stand out and become more noticeable to students.  

free spelling activities

Sign Language Spelling

I love this sign language spelling worksheet because it keeps students totally engaged!  They are curious about American Sign Language (ASL) and get so excited when they can spell their words in ASL. It is particularly effective for your kinesthetic learners. And of course it’s pretty cool they learn a bit of sign language along the way!  

free spelling activities

Spelling Illustrations

Did you know when students draw something, they process it visually, kinesthetically, and semantically?  So when you assign the Spelling Illustrations printable, you can know they are actually getting practice in three different ways!  Of course they’ll just think they are getting time to color and make art! It’s a joy to see the creative (and often hilarious) illustrations they come up with for their words! 

free spelling activities

Make a Word Search

Kids love all aspects of this printable!  They are so motivated to create extra challenging spelling word searches in hopes of stumping their classmates (or teachers!).  And of course they are determined to solve their classmates’ word searches!  As they create and solve they are getting spelling practice without even knowing it!   They really just think they’re just having fun! 

free spelling activities

Spell and Move

I am always looking for new ways to get kids up and moving their bodies throughout the day.  They NEED it and they LOVE it!!  So why not add some movement to their spelling practice?  Spell and Move is a great activity to get students thinking about vowels and vowel sounds while moving their body and getting some energy out of their systems!!  

free spelling activities

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A Year-Long Weekly Word Study Resource for K-3

While the activity pages I’ve shared above could be used in a variety of ways, I know there are teachers who are looking for more.  They want an actual program that explicitly teaches students different spelling patterns each week and offers them meaningful practice throughout the week. That’s why I created Year-Long Weekly Word Study Resources for Kindergarten, first, second and third grade students.

These units are so much more than just a list of words to memorize each week. My word study units focus on a specific phonics skill.  Students are given explicit instruction on the phonics pattern.  They engage in activities throughout the week that allow them to practice the phonics skill and investigate and discover the patterns in words. These units have EVERYTHING you need to provide your students with effective word study instruction and spelling practice all year long!

I have different units for kindergarten, first, second, AND third-grade students. While the units vary a bit from grade to grade, they all contain these core components:

💕 A Scope and Sequence

We know that for instruction to be most effective, it must be systematic and follow a scope and sequence. The scope and sequences included in these resources are based in research and are specific for each grade.

The Word Study bundles follow a research-based scope and sequence that is unique to each grade.

💕 Word cards

These word cards can be printed out on card stock and used in centers, small groups, or for your whole group instruction.

💕 3 Editable Practice Printables for Each Unit

We know that in order for students to master the skills we teach they need a lot of practice. For every unit, you’ll get 3 editable practice printables. The activities vary slightly depending on grade and the skill that is being taught.

Third Grade Word Study Practice Printables
Kindergarten Word Study Practice Printables

💕 Editable Assessments

While the assessments vary a bit from grade to grade, they all include:

Third Grade Word Study Weekly Assessment
First Grade Weekly Word Study Assessment

Word Dictation: words that follow the week’s phonics skills and bonus spaces for review or high-frequency words.

Sentence Dictation: a sentence that includes target phonics skill words, previously taught phonics skill words and high-frequency words.

Spelling Error Analysis: a sentence that includes target phonics skill words, previously taught phonics skill words and high-frequency words. Students must correct the mistakes and rewrite the corrected sentences.

💕 A Teacher Assessment Guide and Master Word List

You’ll get an answer key for each unit to make it extra easy for you to quickly check those assessments!

💕 A Family Letter for Each Unit

We know that word study looks a little different than traditional spelling that families may be accustomed to. This letter will help families understand the shift, inform them of the focus for the unit, and offer them ways to support their children at home.

Sample of First Grade Weekly Family Letter

Eager to learn more about Word Study and these resources? Take a look here for more details!

I hope the information and free resources I’ve shared here today will help to bring more effective word study and spelling practice into your classroom!

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