Writing Picture Prompts

Writing picture prompts naturally differentiate your writing center. Each page has key vocabulary to support primary writers. These are a perfect addition to your writing center! Make sure to download free writing prompts to use with your students!

Writing is one of my favorite things to teach.   I am always entertained by the stories students choose to share and love to see the creative ways they find to express their thoughts and ideas.  But just because I love to teach it, doesn’t mean all of my students have always loved to do it.

Like all teachers, I have students who have difficulty choosing a topic and/or getting started on a piece.  Many find it hard to write multiple details about their topic.  Limited vocabulary makes it difficult for others to expand on their thoughts and ideas.  Finally, there are those who feel apprehensive about writing due to their knowledge (or lack thereof) of spelling.

Year after year, I saw students hitting these same roadblocks.  Knowing that I could predict them, I decided to find a way to prevent them.  Today I’m excited to share with you the Picture Prompts I created to help my first grade friends overcome these common obstacles.

My students LOVE writing with Picture Prompts. I love them because they have ALL of my students WRITING! It’s a single resource that meets the needs of my entire class.  Oh, and they are virtually NO PREP!

writing picture prompts

Scaffold of Support
The picture prompts have vocabulary words printed right on the page as a support for writers. I have taught my students that the first word in the list names the picture and the rest of the words are ones that I predict they may need while writing their story. This support has made a huge difference. Not only are the words accessible for spelling, but it also helps some students to add more detail to their writing.

At the bottom of the printable is a student editing checklist. I teach my students to use it after they finish writing their story. In order for the checklist to be effective, I had to spend time explicitly teaching what each part means and modeled how to use it in my own writing. I have a large poster of this checklist and small copies students can refer to as a further support.

writing checklist

Another great thing about this resource is that it is super flexible.  It can be used while teaching narrative, opinion, and informative writing. Throughout the day it can be used as a writing center, morning journal work, or for homework.

I had a teacher share how she used the prompts in her classroom on my Facebook page: “This was our latest writing about polar bears! We did research all week and on Thursday and Friday they use that research along with the word bank on the paper and wrote about what they learned. Then they created their own polar bear!”

Writing Picture Prompts~ These picture prompts naturally differentiate your writing center. Each page has key vocabulary to support kindergarten, first and second grade writers. These are a perfect addition to your work on writing center!

Here are a few samples. The first picture is a sample from special education student. She was so proud to read her story aloud to her classmates. 🙂

Writing Picture Prompts
Writing Picture Prompts

I have included these student writing tools in the Picture Prompts resource:

Sight Word List

Writing Checklist

I am in such awe of when I read the positive feedback I get from other teachers regarding this resource.  It has helped so many children. Look what other teachers have shared:

“This has been a helpful addition to my writing intervention small groups. I teach special education K-5. I use these pages in small journal type packets. The word banks, picture prompts and even the single page of commonly used words have all been extremely useful for my students. For my oldest but most challenged, the scaffolding means the difference between independently writing and being “stuck” waiting for help. This may be the single most helpful new item I’ve used all year!” ~Tracey 

“I was hopeful, but I really didn’t expect to come across visual writing prompts with word banks AND a checklist on each page! It’s like my wildest dreams have come true for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee! The addition of the sight words list is just the whipped cream on my latte! I am hoping this is the solution to helping my class of VERY diverse learners become more confident writers. If this works out, I will definitely be back for the bundle!~Alyson 

“I have a lot of different writing prompts, but these are my favorite due to the partial picture and the word bank. It helps to guide the students yet still gives them freedom so they all do their own writing rather than everyone having basically the same exact written response. Love these!” ~Laura 

If you’d like to try these prompts out in your classroom, grab this sample {FREE PICTURE PROMPTS HERE}

Or check out the resource in my shop – you can find the Yearlong bundle below. 

Writing is such an important skill to have in life.  The ability to communicate ideas clearly is necessary as students move on to upper graders, important in the workplace, and in life.  This resource is one that allows my students to approach the task of writing with joy, instead of apprehension.  I hope you’ll find it does the same for your students!


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