Hey Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade teachers!

Hundreds of teachers are finally feeling success and confidence while running calm, productive literacy centers and targeted small groups.

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Ready to say Goodbye chaos 👋 hello calm, focused centers?

Inside Leaders of Literacy, members have immediate access to:

Hi, I’m Christina Winter, Founder of Mrs. Winter’s Bliss and Leaders of Literacy!

21+ years of classroom teaching | LETRS® trained | Science of Reading Advocate

I’m also the creator of the Success With Centers course and a featured presenter from the Unlocking the Science of Reading (SoR) virtual conference.

Early in my career, I discovered my superpower: teaching literacy skills to lower primary students

Teaching literacy skills to lower primary students is my JAM. It all started with literacy centers.

While some teachers fear the way centers can become a noisy 3-ring circus…I quickly figured out the formula for keeping my kids on-task, productive, and engaged in their learning.

In fact, substitute teachers would leave me thank-you notes saying:

“I didn’t even need to be here today! Your kids knew exactly what to do without me telling them! I’ve never seen 1st graders be so productive and behave so well during center rotations. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?!”

During my time in the classroom, I became the go-to for mentoring other teachers who needed help with literacy centers. I’m obsessed with the craft of teaching, so it filled my cup to help other teachers their classrooms into a blissful buzz of learning.

Ready to keep your kids engaged and independent with literacy centers—without all the circus? The Leaders of Literacy membership is where I’m providing Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade teachers with the training and support to make that happen. I’d be honored to be your mentor if you’ll have me.

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