Phoneme Sound Wall with Mouth Articulation Photos – science of reading aligned

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This SoR-aligned phoneme Sound Wall with mouth articulation photos resource has everything you need to help your kindergarten, first and second-grade students learn the different sounds we hear in speech.



Printable Resource: 209 pages


More About This Resource

This printable sound wall resource with diverse mouth articulation cards and digital sound wall slides is aligned with the science of reading and offers a way to organize, display and systematically teach students the different sounds (or phonemes) we hear in speech.  Similar to a word wall, a phoneme sound wall (with mouth articulation pictures) is a place for students to reference when they are spelling and reading words.  But UNLIKE a traditional A-Z word wall (where words are grouped by their beginning letter), words on a sound wall are grouped by their sounds.

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This sound wall (aligned with LETRS suggested keywords) includes all the components you will need to give your students an effective tool as they are learning to read and write!



Included in this download:

  • Large Sound Spelling Cards (10.5 x5.3)
  • Small Sound Spelling Cards ( 8 x5.1)
  • Phoneme Cards
  • Mouth Articulation Photos with DIVERSE CHILDREN
  • 47 Word Lists and Sound Formation info Cards
  • Sound Spelling Picture Cards – 2 CHOICES
  • Phoneme Group Labels
  • Bulletin Board Headers
  • Virtual Interactive Sound Wall – Google Slides
  • Locks + Instruction video
  • Phoneme-Grapheme Dictionary
  • Sound Card Alphabet Line

(You can print all the resources at a smaller scale to create a portable sound wall too!)

Student Materials include:

  • Personal Sound Wall Vowel Valley Printable (4 versions)
  • Consonant Printable Chart (8 versions)
  • A-Z Sound Spelling Chart for student folders
  • (3 versions in color and black/white)
  • Alphabet Chart (color and b/w)
  • My ABC Dictionary
  • Build Your Own Sound Wall Activity


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21 reviews for Phoneme Sound Wall with Mouth Articulation Photos – science of reading aligned

  1. Heather Stover (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous resource to align with the SOR. I love the multicultural mouth photos. This file includes tons of resources to choose from to fit your needs. My kids love using the sound wall as a resource while we are in small group and have gotten excited to “unlock” the next sound we’re going to learn.

  2. Seta Timbreza (verified owner)

    Good use when wearing masks

  3. Heather Skaggs (verified owner)

    I love this. I am new to this “sound wall” but this has made it easy for me to create and your videos help me understand better how to teach. Thanks

  4. Dalia Elgamal (verified owner)

    The best sound wall i found . I love the real life photos . This has been a game changer

  5. Ruby Uhart (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this! I love everything on Mrs. Winter’s website! I have a feeling this is where my paycheck is going. Thank you so much for these resources!

  6. Colleen Floyd (verified owner)

    This will be my second year teaching with the sounds wall and the kids loved it last year! I can’t wait to be more explicit with it after watching another training!

  7. Brenda Baker (verified owner)

    This is an excellent resource to go along with your training. I am using it to create a virtual background I can refer to as I teach. Thank you for your hard work to make this understandable and user-friendly.

  8. jesslance27 (verified owner)

    I love this resource!!! Christina has awesome products that are relevant and up-to-date!!!
    Thank you.

  9. Anita Collier (verified owner)

    This resource is so perfect – it made my life much easier when I decided to put up sound walls.

  10. Bettyann Spiech (verified owner)

    Very excited to utilize this resource in my small classroom. I know the students will use this visual to solidify their learning!

  11. Veronica Castillo (verified owner)

    Great resource! I can’t wait to use it this year with my first graders.

  12. Nancy Vorstenbosch (verified owner)

    Great resource! Loved that the mouth positions were actual photos. Definitely need large bulletin board space unless you shrink them a bit for printing.

  13. jenoleary10 (verified owner)

    Amazing, amazing, amazing!! I am new to the sound wall but this is an enormous help. Thanks for all the training and great resources.

  14. Morgan Henry (verified owner)

    This is an amazing resource! I made the change to a sound wall in 2021, and I decided on this sound wall resource after looking through so many others. I’m so glad I did! It has been a real game changer.

  15. Cindy Weiskopf (verified owner)

    I’m very excited to have this resource as I’ve been trying to learn about sound walls. Although I teach pre-k, I’m looking forward to strengthening my students’ alphabet knowledge and their confidence in knowing where to look when they hear specific sounds. My next challenge is to figure out how to arrange the pictures in my classroom. Thank you for having such an amazing learning tool!

  16. teachkidz3 (verified owner)

    Just another amazing resource from Christina! I <3 everything she has made to help me along my SoR journey!

  17. cklassen (verified owner)

    I was nervous to make the switch to a Sound Wall in my classroom this year, but Christina’s summer PD inspired me. Using the lessons and these visuals, we have been working on learning the patterns for spelling and I find my students referencing the wall regularly. Thanks for making my first attempt at a Sound Wall successful due to your PD and this great product!

  18. Trisha Langley (verified owner)

    The Sound Wall resource has driven my instruction every week. When I learned about the science of reading this resource was exactly what I wanted to use. My students use this display all the time. Good by word wall , hello sound wall.

  19. schalmers (verified owner)

    I look forward to using my Sound Wall in my classroom this year! The summer PD and the course gave me all the information I need to have a successful year! This resource is just perfect and has everything I need for SUCCESS!

  20. denmotherof3 (verified owner)

    The best printable sound wall resource that I’ve seen to date! The sound wall bundle has so many various sound wall options to fit everyone’s needs! Excellent resource!

  21. thespoiledteacher (verified owner)

    I love this resource. I use a sound wall last year that I really liked and I was able to combine this one with that one to create my dream sound wall. The students love using the digital sound wall when they are writing because they can click on the sounds to hear them and make sure they have the right one!

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