FREE Sound Wall Explicit Lessons and Sound Wall Activities

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This resource is a sample of my resource: Sound Wall Explicit Lessons and Activities

This FREE sample includes explicit lesson plans and student dictionary pages to introduce the 5 short vowel phonemes and graphemes.

More About This Resource

This sound wall teacher guide with lesson plans includes everything you need to explicitly and systematically introduce and utilize a sound wall with your Kindergarten, 1st grade or 2nd grade students. Over and over, I kept hearing the question, “Christina, I’ve bought my sound wall but now what?” My intention with this resource is to both educate teachers on how to make a sound wall a meaningful learning tool and to provide you with explicit and systematic lesson plans for introducing using a sound wall with your students.

This resource is a sample of my resource: Sound Wall Explicit Lessons and Activities

This resource is a companion to the resource,  Sound Wall, but can also be used with any phonics scope and sequence or sound wall! Each lesson plan is a step by step guide for introducing the phoneme & sound card, articulation gestures and graphemes.

The FULL RESOURCE includes:

⭐️ Teacher Resources:

  • 47 lesson plans for introducing phonemes and graphemes to students (all 44 phonemes of the English language plus c, qu, & x)
  • Consonant Sound Wall & Vowel Valley Overviews
  • Phoneme to Grapheme Dictionary
  • Routines for daily and weekly review
  • Common questions & answers
  • Suggested Scope & Sequence
  • Examples of beginning of the year sound walls (K-2)
  • Additional resources to further expand on teacher knowledge of sound walls

⭐️ Students resources:

  • Sound Wall Dictionary
  • Cut and paste sound wall activity
  • Personal student sound walls
  • Grapheme handwriting practice for consonants and short vowels

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27 reviews for FREE Sound Wall Explicit Lessons and Sound Wall Activities

  1. Seta Timbreza (verified owner)

    Gives teachers a place to start when they don’t have a phonics curriculum.

  2. Mackenzie Spurlock (verified owner)

    LOVE these! It is a wonderful starting point when you are new to the idea of a sound wall. I love the routine for the Kindergarten level of instruction.

  3. Heather Stover (verified owner)

    These lessons are really helpful to anyone new to setting up, introducing and using the interactive sound wall in the classroom.

  4. Diane Matos (verified owner)

    Such a great resource. Thank you for making this free for this teacher who is just getting started with the Science of Reading.

  5. Deborah Linsy (verified owner)

    Having a sound wall posted in your classroom is a great visual and learning resource for your students. My students loves my sound wall during reading time.
    Deborah Linsy

  6. Dalia Elgamal (verified owner)

    fabulous resource aligned to sor . The lessons clearly explain exactly what to do . This is a must-have resource for any teacher.

  7. ashley pate (verified owner)

    Looking forward to using this for my SoR!!

  8. jtorres (verified owner)

    This is a great place to start when just learning about the SOR. Thank you for the freebie!

  9. Michelle Blakeley (verified owner)

    I’ll be using a sound wall for the first time this year. This is a great resource, very helpful!

  10. Colleen Floyd (verified owner)

    Loved every resource she has made to help with the sound wall! Thank you!

  11. jesslance27 (verified owner)

    I love this product. Thank you for making such a relevant resource for teachers who are new to using SoR in the classroom.

  12. jenoleary10 (verified owner)

    I will be using a sound wall for the first time this year and this resource is great guidance for how to get started!

  13. Donna NIlsen (verified owner)

    Great for my intervention groups.

  14. Shannon Beck (verified owner)

    Been learning about sound walls in our SOR discussions and this is a great way to get started. Very well explainned!

  15. Sheri Gaetz (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to implement this into my class!

  16. Lisa Graves (verified owner)

    Provides a great start to explicit instruction. It’s a fantastic resource for those new to sound walls, as it isn’t overwhelming.

  17. Kayla Trahan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this freebie along with all the other amazing resources you have for us! Thank you for all that you do.
    Be blessed & be safe.

    • Christina

      Thank you Kayla, I appreciate your kind words and I’ll take as many blessings as I can! -Christina

  18. Amy Bradford (verified owner)

    Just starting mid year with SoR and in 2nd grade and was wondering if it is appropriate to share the sound wall sound/ articulation cards as they are introduced in groups? Is there a personal student sound wall?

    • Christina

      Hi Amy, The personal student sound walls are included in the bundle, there are several versions! Using the cards in groups is a great idea to reinforce what you are teaching during explicit whole group instruction lessons! 🙂 -Christina

  19. Sian Brockhouse (verified owner)

    I am looking forward to creating my sound wall and using this visual resource to help my students.

  20. Cheryl LaMontagne (verified owner)

    So thankful to have a framework for teaching the sound wall. I have been hesitant but this puts me at ease. Your work and sharing are appreciated!

  21. mydreamteach2023 (verified owner)

    This is amazing! everything is so clear and easy to understand. This is an outstanding resource, as a brand new teacher who has a lot to learn, I truly appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you!

  22. denmotherof3 (verified owner)

    Great resource for anyone! I would recommend this for anyone beginning their SOR journey!

  23. jponte60 (verified owner)

    This has been a game changer for me! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. Highly recommend this to anyone starting with SOR.

  24. Diane Reyelts (verified owner)

    I am fairly new to Sound Walls. This was a great resource to get started right away!

  25. mizo prova borah (verified owner)

    It did spark ideas. Good thought.

  26. Howida Mahmoud (verified owner)

    Very excited to use these with my small reading groups. Thank you.

  27. Howida Mahmoud (verified owner)

    Amazing resource

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