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This FREE sample of my differentiated Decodable Sentence Building Activities will give your students practice reading and writing words that contain targeted phonics skills you have taught. This resource is the perfect extension activity to use with my Decodable Passages bundle. It is both printable and digital, and can be used for student review, independent work, or as a literacy center!



More About This Resource

This is a free sample of my Decodable Sentence Building Activities. These differentiated decodable sentence building activities give kindergarten, first and second grade students practice reading and writing words that contain targeted phonics skills. This resource is the perfect extension activity to use with my Decodable Passages bundle and can be used for student review, independent work, or as a literacy center!

⭐️ ⭐️ This freebie is a sample of my resource: DECODABLE SENTENCE BUILDERS ⭐️ ⭐️

Each sentence is a phonics-based controlled text sentence that contains target phonics skill words, previously taught phonics skill words and irregular high-frequency words. The science of reading shows us that the connection between what our students learn in phonics and what they read & write is imperative for building a strong foundation in early reading!

After building each sentence with word cards, students write the sentence on their printable. They then use the student self-check to edit for accuracy. Students will also have the opportunity to practice their reading fluency by reading to themselves or a friend.

This resource contains the following options in order for the teacher to easily differentiate based on student needs:

  • 2 versions of each printable recording sheet: One version has a sentence stem that requires the student to fill in the blank with a target phonics skill word. The other version does not have a sentence stem and instead requires the student to write the entire sentence.
  • 2 versions of sentence building word cards:  Large word cards are perfect to pair with a pocket chart and small cards can be used at a small group table or student desk.

Included in the FULL RESOURCE:

  • master sentences list for the teacher
  • 210 phonics-based controlled sentences
  • 74 recording sheets (2 differentiated versions of each for a total of 24)
  • 210 sets of sentence building word cards (2 differentiated versions of each)
  • teacher tips for use
  • 210 digital sentence building Google Slides

Phonics skills included in the FULL RESOURCE:

  • Short a
  • Short e
  • Short i
  • Short o
  • Short u
  • L blends
  • S blends
  • R blends
  • Final m/n blends
  • Final l blends
  • Final s blends
  • Final t blends
  • Three letter blends
  • a_e
  • i_e
  • o_e
  • u_e
  • e_e
  • Open syllable e
  • Open syllable i
  • Open syllable o
  • Long a: ai, ay
  • Long e: ee, ea
  • Long o: oa, ow
  • Long i: _y
  • Long i: igh
  • Long u: ew, ue
  • R-controlled ar
  • R-controlled er
  • R-controlled ir
  • R-controlled ur
  • R-controlled or
  • R-controlled or, ore
  • R-controlled are, air, ear
  • Short oo
  • Long oo
  • Diphthong ow
  • Diphthong ou
  • Diphthong oi
  • Diphthong oy
  • Variant vowel au/aw
  • Long i and long o: (i)nd, (o)ld, (i)ld
  • Long i and long o: ie, oe
  • Long e: _y, ey, ie, ei
  • Review

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21 reviews for FREE Decodable Sentence Building Activities – Print and Digital

  1. Deborah Linsy (verified owner)

    The Decodable Sentences Bundle Sample is a blessing to me and my students for my classroom.

    • Christina (verified owner)

      Thank you so much Deborah, I really appreciate your kind words! –Christina

  2. Susie Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Thank you, Christina! The students enjoy the decodable sentences! They think they’re sentence detectives…I love it! 🙂

  3. Marianne Coale (verified owner)

    Another amazing resource! Thank you!

  4. Angie Noble (verified owner)

    I loved the free sample so much that I am purchasing the rest. All your products are amazing and so beneficial.

  5. Seta Timbreza (verified owner)

    I like having multiple options.

  6. Heather Stover (verified owner)

    Such a great resource for station work and to give students extra reading/writing support.

  7. Hannelie Bergmann (verified owner)

    Another great resource that helps my students practice reading and writing words. A big time saver, thank you!

  8. Jennifer Jackson (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I was looking for to support my little learners! Thank you!

  9. MONIQUE REXER (verified owner)

    Thank you for this amazing resource!

  10. Bettyann Spiech (verified owner)

    This will work perfectly into my program to help my kiddos with their reading/writing!

  11. Bettyann Spiech (verified owner)

    As a teacher, we all buy many of our resources with our own money, so I am so grateful for all the free resources you offer. It allows us to examine the resource in depth before purchasing, and if a teacher has limited funds it gives them something to utilize. Thank you for all you do:)

  12. Cathy Spies (verified owner)

    Thank you Christina for another great resource to use with my reading intervention students. This will extremely useful for my first and second grade students. This will allow me to differentiate based on their academic level. I know my lucky little learners are really going to enjoy using this resource.

  13. Sheri Gaetz (verified owner)

    Christina, you make amazing resources. Thank you so much!!

  14. Tracy Zeiders (verified owner)

    Love this resource! I am so grateful for all of your free resources 🙂

  15. jenoleary10 (verified owner)

    Loved the sample so much I bought the entire bundle. It’s amazing for small group instruction, and centre activities.

  16. Deborah Droll (verified owner)

    Thank you for these great resources. My kids love them, and I love to see their increased confidence in reading!!

  17. Heather Andrews (verified owner)

    Loved this free resource! It was so helpful in my classroom. I loved it so much, I bought the complete package.

  18. Deborah Droll (verified owner)

    Your prices are fair and encouraging! I always feel that I get my money’s worth with your resources! Thanks so much!

  19. cterrazas (verified owner)

    I can not wait to use this resource in my classroom next school year!

  20. Howida Mahmoud (verified owner)

    I am Very excited to use this sentence resource. Thank you.

  21. KRISTEN ALLIS (verified owner)

    The resource was great to use in class and I will come back for more purchases!

    • Christina (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback Kristen!! -Christina

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