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This resource is a free sample of my full Decodable Books and teacher lesson plans resource. This FREEBIE contains 5 FREE decodable books with explicit teacher lesson plans and activities for before, during and after reading, as well as student printables and audio recordings of each book!

More About This Resource

This resource is a free sample of my full Decodable Books and teacher lesson plans resource. These science of reading-aligned decodable stories are phonics-based texts that contain target phonics skill words, previously taught phonics skill words and irregularly high-frequency words. The science of reading shows us that the connection between what our students learn in phonics and what they read is imperative for building a strong foundation in early reading.

This resource contains 5 FREE decodable books that align with a research-based systematic phonics scope and sequence. Explicit lesson plans for each book are provided for the teacher with activities to use before, during and after reading to strengthen students’ phonics skills. The resource includes two different versions of student printables and audio recordings for each passage to ensure you can easily differentiate based on students’ needs. These printable decodable books come in black and white and in color with illustrations by Christian Garvey of Pinewood Press

Using these decodable books and lesson plans, students will reread the decodable text to build fluency, discuss the text to build comprehension skills, and write about the story to apply and transfer their phonics skills to their writing.


Included in the FULL Decodable Books resource:

  • 60 decodable books
  • Research-based, detailed classroom use suggestions for the teacher
  • 2 Decodable books for each story (Color and B&W)
  • 1 Explicit teacher lesson plan for each decodable book
  • 4 Differentiated student printables for each book– two versions 
  • 1 Audio recording of each book
  • 1 Blending lines printables for each story & instructional video for the teacher

Phonics skills included in the FULL Decodable Books resource:

  • short a 
  • short i
  • short o
  • short u
  • short e
  • l blends
  • s blends
  • r blends
  • final blends
  • 3 letter blends
  • digraph ch & tch
  • digraph sh
  • digraph th
  • digraph wh
  • digraph _ng
  • CVCe a_e
  • CVCe i_e
  • CVCe o_e
  • CVCe u_e
  • CVCe e_e
  • open syllables – one syllable words (ex. hi, so)
  • long vowel a (ai, ay)
  • long vowel e (ee, ea)
  • long vowel o (oa, ow)
  • long vowel i ( _y, igh)
  • long vowel u (u, ew, ue)
  • r-controlled ar
  • r-controlled er, ir, ur
  • r-controlled or, ore
  • variant vowel short oo
  • variant vowel long u (oo)
  • diphthong ow, ou
  • diphthong oi, oy
  • complex vowel /aw/: aw, all
  • long i and o (ie, oe)
  • long e (y, ey, ie, ei)

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24 reviews for FREE Decodable Books with Comprehension Questions

  1. Melissa Deems (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to use these new decodables with my small groups!

  2. jenoleary10 (verified owner)

    I love this! I can’t wait to purchase the whole bundle and get using it.

  3. Wendy Olschewski (verified owner)

    These new decodables are wonderful and have been so helpful with many of my littles! I’ll be buying the bundle ASAP. Thank you!

  4. Donald Knight (verified owner)

    This will be a most useful resource.

  5. Tannis Williamson (verified owner)

    These have been a wonderful addition to our weekly decoding activities to reinforce and practice focussed phonemes.

  6. Allie Harrington (verified owner)

    Great resources !! These have been great for small groups

  7. Jessica Phillips (verified owner)

    Love this product. It is useful to have the sight words and comprehension questions. Thank you!

  8. Kelly Roehm (verified owner)

    These decodable books are a great resurce to use in my intervention group. Thanks!

  9. jan fraser (verified owner)

    Super decodable books and materials! I use these with my small group intervention students.

  10. Heather Andrews (verified owner)

    Awesome resource. I love that it comes with complete lesson plans and everything you need for your small group instruction. I loved it so much I bought the entire bundle!

  11. Kristy Thompson (verified owner)

    These are great decodable books. I use these in my small group interventions.

  12. Lynn Salzman (verified owner)

    I love these decodable books with lesson plans and activities. They are great for small group instruction!

  13. Donald Knight (verified owner)

    These are useful and practical.

  14. Alison Todd (verified owner)

    These are such a great resource! Great for small groups

  15. Jessica Toland (verified owner)

    These decodable books are wonderful! I loved the audio recordings! I am trying to create some books of my own but might wind up buying the full resource instead – thank you!

  16. jponte60 (verified owner)

    What a stunning resource! I will need to buy the bundle

  17. jponte60 (verified owner)

    These are just awesome! They are perfectly structured for small groups and struggling readers. I have put the bundle on my wishlist. Fingers crossed!

  18. Donna Lawrence (verified owner)

    This resource is amazing, an organised bundle ready to go, saving lots of my preparation time. This resource is wonderful, as I have been using it with children who have dysgraphia, dyslexia and dyscalculia, giving them confidence and variety in their reading abilities.

  19. Sherry Newnam (verified owner)

    This resource is great. I am going to purchase the whole bundle and can’t wait to use it with my kiddos.

  20. Laura Gertler (verified owner)

    I love how these decodables are organized. The sequence of skills are great!

  21. Valerie Thompson (verified owner)

    I love how easy these are to use! From the explicit lesson plans to the construction of the books, really user friendly! Can’t wait to purchase the bundle.

  22. Howida Mahmoud (verified owner)

    I love it 💗

  23. Sara Herten-Greaven (verified owner)

    These books are excellent for my lower level readers. The simple, decodable text match’s our learning material and allows these students to feel like they are accomplishing similar goals as their peers.

  24. ADRIANNE LARA (verified owner)

    I used all of the books you so graciously let us preview.
    Now I can’t live without using the prereading routine in your lesson plans. I recently bought the bundle of books and am thrilled to begin following the scope and sequence for my students who are reading at first grade level. This resource is outstanding!

    • Christina

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support Adrianne!

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