Phonics Review Activities

In this post, I’m sharing digital and printable phonics review activities that will give kindergarten, first and second-grade students the cumulative practice they need to master the skills we teach.

One of the biggest takeaways from my study of the science of reading is that, in addition to explicit and systematic instruction, students need extensive review and repetition in order to master the skills we teach them. 

Most curriculums move pretty quickly! I know your days are already full and there is not a lot of time to just add things in! It can feel overwhelming to figure out how to fit more phonics practice into your day. This is where I want to help you!

In my last post, I discussed the four types of phonics practice literacy expert, Wiley Blevins, recommends you give your students each day. Today I’m happy to share five resources that allow you to weave this type of review work into your school day without having to increase your instructional time!  

Phonics Activities for Review and Repetition 

These five activities make it easy for you to add a systematic and purposeful review cycle into your day WITHOUT increasing your instructional time!  

Each one can be used as a literacy center activity, for small group phonics instruction, warm-up activities, or even as homework!  All three of the resources I am sharing below come in both PRINTABLE and DIGITAL versions, making them perfect for in-person instruction or distance learning! 

Additionally, The activities in each of the bundles all follow the same format.  This means you don’t have to waste time teaching procedures and expectations for each and every task you assign. 

Once students have gotten the hang of one of the activities, they’ll be clear on how to complete the others. All you have to do is assign them!  And with so many activities included in each bundle, you are sure to have enough phonics activities to last you all year long!  

Let’s take a closer look at each one….

1. Word Building Phonics Activities

These essential word awareness activities give students explicit and systematic digital phonics skills practice, even while learning at home! Let me teach your students!

Using these digital phonics word building activities, students will listen to the AUDIO directions then build words in a specified sequence.

Each new word only varies by one sound spelling from the previous word. For example, “Change one sound in the word pat to build the word pan”. Students press the audio button to hear me state the word to build, blend the phonemes of the word, say the word again, and use it in a sentence to develop vocabulary.

This is a NO PREP resource! The 31 digital lessons have been PRELOADED for you, with 1 click add them to your Seesaw library or Google Drive, then assign them to your students!

Printable word building activities are also included in this bundle:

These activities are perfect for small groups with explicit practice of the skills, just print and teach!

2. Word Sorts

These DIFFERENTIATED word sorts will help your students master phonics skills and spelling patterns with these engaging, interactive word sort activities.  

Included are two levels of word sorts: whole words and words with the missing target spelling pattern to assign to your students. Students will look for common spelling patterns, sort, then communicate what they notice and have learned about the words they’ve sorted.

There are 38 word sorts (2 levels of each) – enough to last you the entire year!

3. Word Ladders

Word ladders (also referred to as word chaining) is an engaging phonics activity to complement and support your word study routines. Students must think critically to figure out the next word to build using the letter or picture clues. As they manipulate the phonemes, students will receive immediate feedback using these self-checking phonics activities.

This NO PREP resource includes 42 word ladders that are BOTH PRINTABLE and DIGITAL.  The digital version has a slider for students to self-check their work. 

You’ll also get answer keys! Print them out and keep them in a basket so students can check their work while completing the printable worksheets.

4. Phonics: Seek, Sort and Read

Students will love these hands-on phonics activities!  They will seek words by the indicated phonetic pattern, sort them into columns, and read the lists of words they found.

Included skills with systematic practice in the Seek, Sort, Read phonics bundle:

  • CVC (short vowels)
  • Digraph & Blends
  • CVCe (silent e) & Long Vowels
  • Diphthong and R-Controlled Vowels

This is a NO PREP resource bundle that provides interactive and engaging word work practice and review for Kindergarten, first and second-grade students!

5. Phonics Sentence Matching Bundle

Students will love these interactive phonics sentence activities! This resource includes both PRINTABLE decodable sentence worksheets and NO PREP DIGITAL activities.  

There are 265 decodable phonics sentences with early sight words that students must read and match to a picture. After matching, students will reread the sentences to build reading fluency.  There are 5 sentences on each slide/printable for students to read.

Included skills with systematic practice in the: Phonics Sentence Matching Bundle:

  • CVC Sentences
  • Blend & Digraph Sentences
  • Long Vowel Sentences
  • Diphthong & R-Controlled Vowel Sentences

I hope the necessary review activities I’ve shared today will help you see that adding more phonics practice to your day does not have to be complicated for students with many new procedures to learn and more work for you!!

Looking for more phonics practice center activities? Check out The Best Cumulative Practice Center Activities where I suggest SoR-aligned literacy center activities for k-2 students that provide the cumulative practice and review of the phonics skills you have taught. 


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