Pattern Block Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles help students learn to persevere through challenging tasks. These critical thinking puzzles will keep kids engaged while thinking logically.

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How do you challenge your friends to persevere through challenging tasks? I’m always looking for ways to help my first graders to have a growth mindset in everything they do. Teaching growth mindset this year has made a HUGE difference in my students as I see them using self talk to solve problems and encouraging each other with the power of YET! Today I have a #growthmindset FREE resource to share with you at the bottom of this post!

I want my students to experience attainable challenges routinely. Math activities have become a perfect vehicle to do so.  In my classroom, I teach math in a small group setting. I’m always looking for evergreen activities that are rigorous, will engage my students, and are easy to prep and manage. While watching my students during social time I noticed that they were making interesting designs with pattern blocks and it hit me I could create some pattern block logic puzzles that would foster a growth mindset.

I created three different levels, each level gets a little bit harder. It has been successful for me is for me to model one level a week (starting with the easiest level) before put them it in our math tubs.

While modeling, I intentionally do not solve the problem the logic puzzles correctly the first time so I can show my students how I have to persevere through the task. I talk aloud to model what I am thinking as a problem solver. My students are always so sweet as they use encouraging words to cheer me on, I love that they think I am really working hard to solve the puzzle **wink wink**![spacer height=”20px”]

What I love is that students who are successful at the easiest level will push forward to try the next level, while some students will stay in their comfort level for a while before going to the next level of puzzles.

I also love that they have enough information that they can correct solve the tasks. I do include the answer cards so they can check themselves or get a hint if needed.


Level A puzzles indicate to students the number of pattern blocks and the color that they will need to solve the puzzle.



Level B puzzles indicate to students only the color of the pattern blocks so students will have to figure out how many of each color are needed to solve the puzzle.

Finally, level C puzzles indicate the number of blocks, but students will have to use their problem solving skills to figure out which shape of blocks will be needed to solve each puzzle. This can be challenging because students could solve the puzzle correctly but have the incorrect amount of blocks and will need to trade out some of the shapes to solve the task.

These logic puzzles have stayed in my tubs for a long time now and my students are still so excited when it is their turn to go to the logic station. My teacher heart is happy when I see them get them out for inside recess!

If you are interested in trying a few, you can grab this FREE Pattern Block Logic Puzzles , just click on the picture to download. 🙂

free logic puzzles

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I would love for you to comment below, what types of activities do you use with your students that are challenging but attainable?

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