Free Listening Center Activities

In this post I’m sharing FREE Listening to Reading Response Activities for Kindergarten, first and second grade students. These activities make a meaningful no-prep literacy center.

Many trends come and go in education, but one literacy activity that has stood the test of time is the Listening Center.  Whether it be on cassette tape, CD or the devices we use today, the listening center has long been a staple in classrooms because it is so incredibly beneficial for students to listen to stories read aloud.  

But why is listening to reading so important for children?  

The Benefits of Listening to Reading

💗 For one, it gives students the opportunity to listen to a fluent reader while closely following along with (tracking) the text.  With no pressure to decode, a listening center allows students to focus solely on comprehension instead of getting stuck on (and frustrated by!) words they don’t know.  

💗 Children can listen on a higher language level than they can read.  When they just listen to a story they can understand more complex ideas.  They are also exposed to vocabulary and language patterns they might not hear in everyday speech.

💗 It allows students to feel successful, which builds confidence and leads to stronger readers who are more willing to take risks such as trying to read more complicated texts on their own! 

💗 Even fluent readers can benefit from listening to the expression and dramatic reading. It allows them to delve deeper into developing their comprehension skills.

💗 Finally, listening to books read aloud is an enjoyable and engaging experience for students.  It develops their interest in books and desire to be a reader!  I think we can agree that anything that helps to instill a love of reading is something we should be doing!  

Clearly implementing a listening center to our literacy centers is beneficial, do you need some resources to fresh up your center or help get you started?

Today I’m happy to share with you FREE listening center activities perfect for your kindergarten, first or second grade classroom.  

Free Listening to Reading Activities

These listening to reading response sheets are the perfect addition to your literacy centers!  They help students deepen their comprehension and make listening to reading an active learning activity. 

With this freebie you’ll get four different response sheets which can be used with any book!  I recommend introducing one activity at a time.  Once you’ve modeled it and you feel confident students can all complete the response sheet independently, then introduce the next one.  

The “Drawing Story Elements” sheet is ideal for kindergarten and early first grade students, while the “Writing Response Story Elements”, “Book Review” and “Types of Text” are great for 1st and 2nd grade students.   

Simply print the response sheets out and leave them in your listening center.  Students can complete them as they listen or after they listen to the story.  

In addition to the printable listening center response sheets, this resource will also provide you with a list of great online reading websites.  Simply click the link in the resource and it’ll take you directly to the reading site where you’ll find a variety of stories to choose from.  

Are you still teaching students remotely? Need digital listening center activities?  No problem! These listening center response sheets come in both digital and printable files.  

Ready to start using these FREE Listening Center Response Activities in your Kindergarten, first, or second grade classroom?? Simply fill out this form below I’ll send the activities directly to your inbox!   


Looking for more ways to get your students responding to reading? Check out my Free Reading Response Activities and the Reading Response Resources for kindergarten, first or second grade!  


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