Digital Writing Activities for Elementary Students

This blog post shares favorite NO PREP digital writing activities for elementary students that can be used in Google Classroom for distance learning.

As a teacher you’ve always had to be flexible. Though you may try to plan your weeks, days and lessons, (sometimes down to the minute!) you do so knowing things won’t go exactly as planned.  Each day is filled with little things that require us to adjust our plans to ensure students’ needs are met, content is covered, and everyone is safe and happy!  

But the year 2020 has given this term “flexibility” a whole new meaning!  You have not just adjusted and shifted, but you’ve absolutely TRANSFORMED the way you teach!  

It has taken a tremendous amount of time, and creative thought and energy to figure out how to provide quality instruction and engaging activities that students can complete at home without you by their side.  

I know it hasn’t been easy, so to help you I have created digital versions of some of my most popular reading, math, and writing activities! These digital activities are most appropriate for students in grades k-3.  They are motivating for students, provide proper support through natural differentiation, and are ZERO PREP for you!  

Today I am excited to share details about the DIGITAL VERSIONS of FOUR of my favorite writing activities!  The Writing Picture Prompts, Life Cycles Sequence Stories, Sequence Writing and Story Retell and Seasonal Writing Prompts are now all available with digital updates so you can use them in this time of distance learning!  

Let’s take a closer look at each of them…. 

Writing Picture Prompts

In this writing activity, students create a story based on the simple picture they see at the top of their page.  Each prompt includes a story specific vocabulary word bank to assist with spelling and support writers who have difficulty getting started. Your more proficient writers can be challenged to find ways to incorporate the vocabulary words into their work. Finally, each prompt also includes a self-editing checklist to help students refine their skills and build independence. 

The awesome news is that the Writing Picture Prompts product now includes DIGITAL SLIDES FOR YOU TO USE IN GOOGLE™ AND SEESAW™!  If you have already purchased the printable version, the digital update is FREE for you! 

The bundle includes 25 picture prompts/slides for each season!  With 100 different slides to choose from, this is one writing resource that will last you ALL YEAR long! 

Life Cycles Sequence Stories 

In this activity, writers use the 5 sequence picture cards to order events, then use transition words and specific story vocabulary words to tell their story. The pictures focus on the life cycle of 11 different plants and animals, making it a great way to incorporate science into writing.  

butterfly life cycle writing prompts

This resource now includes DIGITAL slides formatted for students to use with Google Drive on tablets and desktops!  You’ll get 11 slides, each which focuses on a different plant or animal life cycle! 

Sequence Writing and Story Retell 

For this activity, students arrange four sequence picture cards in the correct order. Once the pictures are placed in order, students use the word bank to help them brainstorm ideas or spell tricky words they want to use to describe the events in their story. 

This activity now includes DIGITAL slides formatted for students to use with Google Drive on tablets and desktops!  You’ll get 24 Google slide activities- six for each season!  That’s enough to keep kids practicing sequence writing all year long!  

Seasonal Writing Prompts

All students are successful using these picture writing prompts!  For this activity, students will find an adorable, seasonal picture at the top of the page.  Along with the picture, there is a story specific vocabulary word bank and self-editing checklist to support students as they write about the picture.  

This resource now includes 40 digital slide activities that can be used with GOOGLE™ AND SEESAW™!  Ten different prompts for every season means you’re set for the year! 

These four digital writing resources would make a wonderful addition to your distance learning!

For one, they require ZERO prep work! All you have to do is clearly model how to use complete each activity.  The structure of the activities remains the same for each resource, so once they’ve successfully completed one they can independently work through the slides at whatever pace you assign them!  Each of the bundles I’ve shared include enough activities to last you the ENTIRE YEAR!  

Secondly, each activity is naturally differentiated. When we are with our students in the classroom we work hard to differentiate our instruction and ensure all needs are met. It’s more challenging to do so when teaching from afar, but these activities were created with supports that help ensure students of ALL LEVELS will find enjoyment and success in writing.  

And remember…. If you have previously purchased any of the printable versions of these resources, the DIGITAL VERSION is FREE!!  Simply re-download the product and the digital updates will be included!  

I hope you’ll find these writing resources and digital updates to be helpful!  The activities require very little prep work from you, but offer students many ways to practice writing in meaningful and engaging ways!  That’s a WIN-WIN!!


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