Digital Reading Activities for Elementary Students

This blog post shares favorite NO PREP digital reading activities for elementary students that can be used in Google Classroom for distance learning.

In this time of school closures and distance learning you have transformed the way you teach, virtually overnight.  You moved all your instruction online and created google classrooms.  You figured out how to correspond solely through apps, email and video chats, and yet you still continue to grow your relationships with your students

I know it hasn’t been easy.  I know it has taken a tremendous amount of time, and creative thought and energy to figure out how to provide quality instruction and engaging activities that students can complete at home without you by their side.  To help make things a tad easier for you, I have created digital versions of some of my most popular reading, writing, and math activities!

digital reading activities

These digital activities are most appropriate for students in grades K-2.  They are motivating for students, provide proper support through natural differentiation, and are ZERO PREP for you!  

Today I am excited to share details about the DIGITAL VERSIONS of two of my favorite reading activities, the Sequence of Events Reading Passages, and this Sentence Building Center

Sequence of Events Reading Passages

The ability to sequence events is an important skill in reading. Knowing the order of events helps students deepen their comprehension and the ability to correctly identify the beginning, middle, and end allows readers to retell in a manageable way.

For this activity students read a passage, sequence the events of the story, and answer comprehension questions describing the events in the reading passage.

Below is an example of a printable Read and Sequence Passage.

The exciting news is that the resource now includes 24 digital slides formatted for students to use in Google Slides! This allows students to practice the important skill of sequencing from home on their tablet or computer in a meaningful and engaging way! 

Check out this video to get a better idea of what the activity looks like in Google Slides…

Before assigning the sequencing passages, I’d suggest you clearly model how to complete the activity. The structure remains the same for each passage, so students will know just what they need to do!  They can independently work through the slides at whatever pace you assign them.  And with 24 different passages to choose from, this is a single resource that students can work with for quite a long time!   

Finally, if you have already purchased the printable Sequence of Events Reading Passages this digital update is FREE for you!  Simply redownload the resource to get the digital files!

If you don’t already own this resource, feel free to download this Read and Sequence Passages FREE sample!

Download a FREE Read and Sequence Passage


Sentence Building Center

In this activity students build a sentence, write it and edit it using the checklist. They can then practice building fluency by reading it to themselves!  With two versions of each sentence, this is simple to differentiate!

The Sentence Building Bundle now includes 120 DIGITAL Google Slides! You’ll get 60 different sentences (with two versions of each), as well as editing & fluency checklists to promote independent success at home!

Take a look at this video to get a better idea of what the activity looks like on Google Slides…

And just like the Reading Passages, the Sentence Building Center activity requires ZERO prep work from you! The structure remains the same, so all you have to do is clearly model how to build, edit and read the sentences. 

Once students successfully created one sentence, they’ll be able to independently work through the remaining slides at whatever pace you assign them.  The bundle includes sentences for all four seasons so it’s one resource that could last you all year long! 

Remember, if you’ve already purchased the printable Sentence Building Center resource, simply redownload the product to get the FREE digital files!

These resources are meaningful and engaging activities that don’t require much extra work from you- a winning combo for these times!  With all you have on your plate right now, I hope it can lighten your load just a bit!! 



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