A Treat & a Trick { a little late!}

Hello There!

It has been a few weeks…life has gotten busy for a bit as we have entered the 2014 holiday season!! I have a treat and a trick to share with you tonight!

How many Elsas did you see on Halloween??…if you were playing the “Elsa drinking game” you took one for my sweet girl! She is my sweet treat!

Let it Go!

Just “some” of our sweet neighbor kids! #blessed!

I have a trick for you that is working well for me!… A few of my teammates have taken the idea (the best compliment) and like it too!

We are a Daily 5 school and I purchased book boxes for my students from Really Good Stuff (totally worth it…very durable). My only advice, it you make labels for the front of the boxes, just use mailing tape to attach the label rather than peeling and sticking the label, much eaiser at the end of the year to remove from the book box.

I am the queen of “there is never any chaos allowed in my classroom, you may not all go to the shelf at once to get your bookboxes” but I wanted a way for my students to have easy access to their book boxes when they had free time and during read to self. I saw these black crates at Target and got 2 per table group. I used a few zipties to attach the crates and VIOLA, I had a bookshelf at each table group!

It took less than 5 minutes to make all of them, gotta love that!

I am loving my crate shelves, and think I may have to make a fun configuration for my classroom library….I could use a few behind my guided reading table….teacher desk…computer center….haha!

Thanks for reading, I hope this was a fun trick for you too!

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