A Quick Tip!

Hey There!

Tomorrow is FriYay!!! A weekend of luxury awaits us my friends!!!

Today I wanted to share a printing tip that made me so happy when I discovered it about a year ago. 🙂  If you are like me you wish a part of a digital file could be put in a Shrinky Dink oven to better use the resource.  Well now you can! You can print multiple pages of any document by a click of a few buttons. 🙂

When I created this file I Lost a Tooth, I originally planned to print a recording sheet for each month to post in our calendar area.

Then I checked my wall space, oopsie…I needed this sheet to be smaller. Rather than rework the whole file I just printed 2 to a sheet!  Here is how I did it:

First select print, then when the window opens choose the pages you want to print.

Then choose how many pages you want on a page. For this picture I choose 2 pages per page.
Walla, you have printed multiple pages to a sheet! Here is one more picture showing 6 to a page.
Sometimes I make anchor charts to teach and later I print them multiple pages to a sheet and make my students reference cards or bookmarks.
I hope this printing tip has been handy to you, I’d love you to leave a handy tip you have learned in the comments for me!
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